Meat Free-Dairy Free-Gluten Free-Cruelty Free


Wide Variety Of Gluten Free Options

Gluten free snacks...
Pure Morning prides itself on being an allergy safe zone and caters for a gluten free diet. Our ingredients are 80% sourced within 20 miles of Kettering and all menu items are available gluten free


Custom Blended Coffee

Custom coffee... Our coffee is simply the finest coffee in Kettering.  Expertly roasted and blended by Yellow Bourbon Coffee Roasters in Northampton and delivered fresh.  The coffee is grown to order on the premises producing a silky smooth and perfectly balanced flavoursome cup.


Our Tasty Treats

Tasty treats... Pure Morning offers the widest range of vegan cakes and sweets including the premium branded Explore Chocolate in several flavours.  Explore Chocolate also provide the truffles which make our hot chocolate so tasty with the minimal amount of sugar and maximum amount of chocolate.

Pure Morning

Pure Morning Cafe is a family business set up by a husband and wife team from Kettering and their teenage daughter.  The family wanted to provide a healthy option for all people who visit the town centre and a safe zone for people with allergies.

Our vision is to create a destination where people can enjoy an ethical, healthy alternative which focuses on supporting other local businesses and the community by sourcing within 20 miles of Kettering.

Pet friendly Pure Morning actively welcomes pets, feeding parents and children.

Fair Trade is fundamental to our operations and our artisan suppliers are required to trade fairly and ethically to provide quality products for our tasty food and drink menus.

Our Space is relaxing, safe and cultural. We have created a space that reflects the history of the building and a positive future for the town. We have artworks on display from local artists, photographers and sculptors.

We encourage you to try new things...

Welcome to Pure Morning.